List of components - Microphone

pcs	semiconductors
1	IC1		OP113E smd SOIC-N 8pins (or OP113F)

pcs	capacitors
2	C3, C6		0.1uF (100nF) ceramic THT 5mm
2	C1, C4		1uF ceramic THT 5mm
1	C5		3.3uF/16V tantal electrolyt THT 2.5mm
1	C2		220uF/16V electrolyt axial THT max 23mm

pcs	resistors
1	R2		47R/204 THT 5mm
1	R3		680R/204 THT 5mm
1	R1		2.2k/204 THT 5mm
2	R4, R5		33k/204 THT 5mm
1	R6		10k/trimmer THT CA6V

pcs	connectors and switches
1	con-mic		RJ45 plastic/hole parallel with PCB (see the pictures)
3	CH-up, CH-dwn, FN      Omron momentary switch 6x6mm + round button 6mm
1	PTT		Omron momentary switch 90deg. 6x6mm + round button 6mm

pcs	others
1	MIC1		Electret mic cartridge with 2 pins